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What is it that captivates you? Is it mountaineering, game viewing, white water rafting, spot fishing, boat riding, forest camping and nature walks? Is it exploring vibrant night life in Uganda’s casinos, bars, hotels discos and sun bathing at the beach? Or is it community tours? Whichever can make your day, Clemency Uganda encourages your desire to travel and adventure.

Clemency Uganda arranges monthly free weekend tours and travels for its volunteers within Jinja for them to visit important tourist sceneries such as the Source of the Nile, Owen, Bujjagali, Ripon and Itanda falls among others. Volunteers who come during the June / July assignments also have the opportunity to visit Jinja’s Agricultural Exhibitions organized annually at the source of the Nile. It is here that you may get the opportunity to see Uganda’s ‘wonder cow’ with five legs.

The locals are very welcoming and would be more than happy to entertain you or show you some of the local attractions particularly animals, pieces of art, cultural attires, and local foods. If you want to spend some time in Uganda before or after volunteering to see more of the country you can survive on as little as US $32 a day traveling in Uganda. You can also spend much more if you want a bit of luxury.

Read about the different tourist destinations that you can visit. Book yourself a place by contacting us. We guarantee a response within 24 hours.

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