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Our Team

Note: For confidentiality reasons contact addresses, photos and profiles of some board and staff members have been excluded from this website.

Board members

Neto Augustine (Executive Director)

He is the main architect of Clemency Uganda and has immensely contributed towards this organization right from the day of its birth. He has tirelessly worked to ensure that the organization gains both national and international recognition.

Rebbeca Seera (Ambassador to the Netherlands)

She liaises with Dutch based Individuals, Organizations, Corporate bodies and local and international Agencies that would wish to work hand in hand with Clemency Uganda. She is currently pursuing her Masters degree in the Netherlands.

David Forger (Ambassador to Germany)

David is a prominent Clemency Uganda Representative to Germany. He is tirelessly doing everything he can to preach Clemency Uganda's mission and vision among fellow Germans.

Kachope Charles (Committee Member)

An auditor by profession, Charles is the board’s financial advisor. He advises the board on matters concerning proper use of project funds.


Mrs. Mary Omondi (Committee Member)

Mary is the eldest member of the Board. The rest of the members are her sons and daughters because she is a mother indeed. Her invaluable contribution has tremendously changed the image of Clemency-Uganda.

Fred Kitakufe (Treasurer to the Board)

Fred has kept stock of all Board accounts information. As chairman of the Finance Committee, he also monitors budgets, allowances, expenses, Clemency Ambassadors requisitions and every other task that go with it.

Staff Team

Ndegera Siraman (Child counselor)

Commonly known as “Sira”. Siraman plays the vital role of counseling our little ones and the youth. He has been with us since 2008 and has showed all signs of staying with us indefinitely.

Akongo Veronica (Front-desk manager)

She is the person in charge of handling all our front desk enquiries, receives visitors and directs them to appropriate staff for assistance.

Nakamya Florence (Assistant Volunteer Coordinator)

Florence works hand in hand with Rose to implement our volunteer program. However, she is currently out of the country for further studies.

Mutesi Rose (Volunteer Coordinator)

She is the head of our volunteer program. Her work is to oversee the selection of volunteers, their training and motivation.


Nambi Zainah (Project Administrator)

She runs Clemency Uganda’s day to day business including staff recruitment, training, retention and motivation. Zainah also coordinates the various projects under implementation.

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