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Uniting To Save The Vulnerable

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Be a cheerful giver.

Give a hand of help today.

Your donation will go a long way in helping us make progress in mitigating HIV/AIDS, alleviating poverty, promoting child education and improving the well being of vulnerable people.



Through your donation, orphans and the vulnerable together with their caregivers will be provided with:

School fees.



Recreational materials such as balls.

Sanitary materials for girls.




Health care.

Clemency Uganda will be grateful if you choose to become a regular donor through a monthly plan to ensure sustainable impact of your donation. By making a monthly donation you will help vulnerable people to help themselves. Become a regular donor today and change lives.

For more information on our regular donor plan, please Email us or call us at +256-454-448-192 or +256-773-663-516.

You can also send us a cheque at this very address. We are a tax free organization so you don’t have to worry paying custom dues for any material deliveries.

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