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Uniting To Save The Vulnerable

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Our History

In the summer of 2008, 16 Ugandans and one German national convened in Uganda’s Eastern Town of Jinja to brainstorm on the challenges faced by the local communities in Jinja and Uganda as a whole.

Problems such as high school girl-child dropouts, street children, HIV/AIDS, household poverty, drug abuse, food insecurity, environmental degradation among others were noted.

In order to effectively address these challenges, members unanimously agreed to form a Community Based Organization called Clemency Uganda.

A constitution was drawn and promulgated and the activities of this organization became legal with the issuance of a Registration Certificate No. 154.

Aims and Objectives

* To enhance the education of orphans and vulnerable children through extension of financial and material support.

* To promote skills training through provision of vocational training.

* To build and strengthen the capacity and confidence of vulnerable groups in the areas of Human Rights, Agriculture, Health among others.

* To promote and support the health and hygiene of Orphans and Vulnerable Children, People Living With HIV/AIDS, People With Disabilities, Widows and Grannies.

* To advocate for People Living with HIV/AIDS infection.

* To increase household incomes of members through establishment of income generating projects, such as, Poultry, Piggery, Crafts-making, Metal works, Tailoring, Baking, Brick laying etc.

* To jealously protect the environment through promotion of good environmental conservation methods.

* To promote volunteer opportunities and services to individuals and organization whose aims and objectives are in line with those of Clemency Uganda.

* To partner and network with other people and organizations whose aims and objectives are similar to those of Clemency-Uganda.

* To carry out all such other activities as may be deemed conducive for the attainment of the objectives of Clemency Uganda.

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