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Uniting To Save The Vulnerable

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Much as some children, youth, single mothers, widows and grandmothers need hand-outs, the majority are asking for hand-ups from all those touched by the appalling lives they live.

Clemency Uganda offers individuals from all walks of life affordable opportunities to work as volunteers in Uganda’s remote villages.

Volunteering with Clemency Uganda gives you a unique, exciting and memorable experience. With just a few dollars, you can travel to Uganda for that memorable experience.

Our volunteers are:

  • Placed in carefully selected host families - long recognized as the best way to learn about and appreciate a new culture.

  • Offered individualized or group training and a sense of service and personal accomplishment.

  • Actively involved in the daily life of their new communities.

  • Offered opportunities to tour and travel within Uganda and make a new community of friends colleagues.

  • Issued with end of program certificates handed over during a farewell luncheon/dinner.

We have a wide range of assignments for you. Come and be part of this exciting and yet memorable experience.

If relevant, please include a link to your portfolio or website. We would also like to hear from you if you have personal connections with:

  • Corporate public relations or charitable giving officers.

  • Booksellers, teachers, builders, painters, medical staff, games and sports coaches among others.

  • Groups of enthusiasts, who might like to organize an event related to their interest to benefit children, youth, single mothers, widows and grannies

  • Celebrities who might be interested in extending a hand of help to children, youth, single mothers, widows and grandmothers.

Please contact us in case you would like to book yourself a place in our upcoming programs.



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