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We have some of the most affordable program fees and payment terms than one can ever imagine. Volunteers comming on their own are expected to pay their program fees a day after arrival while those coming under any volunteer sending agency or organisation have to make their payments at least two weeks before arrival.

Volunteers are encouraged to bring with them their VISA ATM cards to enable them make transactions with some of the banks in Jinja among which include; Barclays bank, Standard Chartered bank, and Stanbic bank, Crane bank, Bank of Africa, Kenya Commercial Bank, Centenary Rural Development bank, DFCU bank, United Bank of Africa, Orient bank and Tropical bank. However, we also have FOREX services in Jinja town from foreign currencies can be changed to Uganda shillings

Period in month      Amount in EUROS
       1 month                    400
       2 month                    800
       3 month                    1,200
       4 month                    1,600
       5 month                    2,000
       6 month                    2,400

Program fees include

* Airport pick up and departure - 22%.

* Project Donation - 20%.

In country support - 17%.

Meals - 21%.
* Utilities - 14%.

Laundry - 6%.

Note: We have no Application fees and Accommodation is FREE.

What is NOT included in the program fees

* Flight expenses.

* Passport.

* Travel Insurance.


In country travel expenses (except airport pick up and drop-off).


* Mobile phones/internet.

* Bottled water.

* Soft drinks.

* Entertainment.

* Toilet tissue and hand wash liquid soap.

* Luxurious accommodation.

* Tours beyond Jinja and other personal effects.

You will need a weekly budget of approximately $40 US to cater for these other expenses.

Free benefits provided


Volunteers are provided with FREE accommodation whilst on assignment. They stay with carefully selected host families which conform to Clemency Uganda set standards of living. The host families live in safe neighborhoods and their distances from the project sites vary. These families provide accommodation i.e. shared or single room.

Weekly/Monthly tours and travels

We arrange arrange for volunteers either weekly or monthly weekend tours and travels within Jinja for them to visit important tourist sceneries such as the Source of River Nile, Owen falls, Ripon falls, Itanda falls among others. Volunteers also do community walks in the slums of Bugembe where they get to interract with the local people and also have a feel of the life they live. Those coming for our mid July assignments get the opportunity to visit Jinja’s Agricultural Exhibitions organized annually at the source of River Nile.

Volunteers who wish to go for safaris are guided on which safari operators to us.

However, you are free to do as you wish any time that you are not expected to be working.

The locals are very welcoming and would be more than happy to entertain you or show you some of the local attractions - particularly animals, pieces of art, cultural attires, and local foods.

If you may want to spend some time in Uganda before or after volunteering to see more of the country you can survive on as little as $40 US a day traveling in Uganda. You can also spend much more if you want a bit of luxury.

Assignment Recommendation Letter/Certificate

Each and every volunteer that successfully completes his/her assignment will either receive a recommendation letter signed by our Project Administrator and Executive Director.

Certificate of Merit

In addition to getting a recommendation letter, you will receive a certificate of merit in recognition of your invaluable contribution towards changing the lives of indigenous communities. These will be handed over during a fare well diner organized by management of Clemency Uganda.

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