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Uniting To Save The Vulnerable

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The main core value of our care and support program is love, care and compassion for children and their aging caregivers particularly grandmothers whom we support under this project.


The level of vulnerability is so severe that most orphans and vulnerable children lack basic needs such as food, shelter, water, clothing and bedding. These problems are more evident in child headed homes and street children who in most cases have to fend for themselves. The provision of basic needs to less privileged children is everyone’s responsibility. You too can join us in providing for these children. A child is waiting for someone’s help and that is you.

Through this program, we are able to provide some children with bedding's and clothing donated to us by generous friends of Clemency Uganda. Some of these clothes include used shirts, shorts, trousers, skirts, dresses, blouses and sweaters.






In communities wrecked by HIV/AIDS, grand-mothers deal with issues related to:

* Death of their spouses, children, and illness in the household.

* Lack a steady flow of income to take care of the orphans thrust upon them.

* Little or no access to health-care Moreover their role has never been recognized even during important celebrations.

At a time when society has paid a deaf ear to the plight of grannies Clemency Uganda has come up with interventions which seek to address some life threatening challenges that grannies have faced for a long period of time. To effectively address grandmothers’ problems, we run a vibrant grandmothers club known as ‘Grannies Might’ whose cardinal goal is to create a productive environment for the survival, participation growth and development of grandmothers.

Through this club, we are able to provide grandmothers with:

Psychosocial support which takes a number of forms.

* Basic needs such as shelter, clothing, bedding and some household items such as plates, basins, soap and sugar.

We are seeking to link our grandmothers' club to other grandmothers’ groups both locally and internationally to help them share their experiences.

Please Email us if you know of any grannies’ group which you would like us to work with.

* Group micro-credit support geared toward their economic empowerment. This is possible through a micro-credit scheme which was purposely created to cater for grannies.

* Health-care support which involves providing them with treated mosquito nets to protect them against malaria.

* Capacity building in basic sanitation and hygiene, and child care practices. A granny is waiting for someone’s help, and that is you.

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