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Valentina Lisec, (Handicraft/Classroom Teaching Volunteer, September/ October 2012)

My name is Valentina and I come from Croatia. I was volunteering for one month with Clemency Uganda in 2012, which I found out on internet. I wasn’t very sure of what I’m getting myself into with wanting to volunteer for an organization so far away from my homeland, but from the very first live contact with the organization’s members, I knew I have met extraordinary people. They accommodated me with a local host family which gave me full experience of living in Uganda. The family was full of love and very helpful, without them it wouldn’t be so easy. After finishing my program and spending a full month with them, I can honestly say that I have a family in Uganda. Also, they have family in Croatia.

We were working on different programs: teaching children in primary schools, teaching unemployed women making fabrics and identification of OVC’s for sponsorship. Clemency provided me with all information, help and good mentors, to whom I am very thankful for being with me every single moment I needed them, without asking for anything in return.

Working with Ugandan people was something very special and inspiring. They are full of life and good spirit despite of very bad situation- the poverty, they are in. It wasn’t just that they were learning things from me; I was also learning a lot from them. The very first ˝lesson˝ I had was with the kids: you can never get mad with them; because every child has its own bad life situation that I would never even think of, every person has his/her life and a lot of reasons to do what they are doing, whether it is bad or good. So next time they didn’t do their homework I wasn’t mad, we talked…

Uganda, itself, is a very nice country, with beautiful nature, good people and a lot of things to surprise you (for example exciting night life). Definitely, a country I would recommend to a tourist or volunteer.

Throughout the work I saw every side of Clemency’s activities and I saw what tremendous and hard job they are doing with no funds except their love, strength and will. Once you join Clemency Uganda, you cannot leave them, they become part of your life. That’s how powerful their work is. The kids that are with Organization are happy, even though they don’t have anything in their lives; but they have Clemency staff looking after them and being their friends.

After one month of volunteering with Clemency Uganda I know I will come back. They gave me an incredible experience I would never forget and for what I am very thankful. They took very good care for me, not as their volunteer but for me as their friend. So I left the country with a smile, positive feelings and bunch of beautiful memories.

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