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Psychosocial support is the one service universally provided by Clemency Uganda to all OVC and their guardians.

We offer orphans and vulnerable children and aging caregivers (grandmothers) emotional and spiritual support. The kind of emotional and spiritual care given to children addresses the heavy loss, grief, fear and emotional disturbance that children face as a result of extreme situations of taking care of their ailing parents and seeing them die and later on take up family responsibilities, and violence which may include death of immediate family member, and some of whom witness these horrifying crimes.

We also address the emotional concerns of most grandmothers particularly those living in households with chronically ill biological children and grand children and those who lost their beloved children to HIV/AIDS.

In 2011 alone, 15 child counselors were trained to address the specific needs of children. These counselors are mostly teachers in primary schools and are spread throughout Bugembe Sub County.

To ensure provision of comprehensive psychosocial services, there are linkages between child counselors and Community Health Volunteers as these groups routinely refer children to each other according to identified needs.




Our community based psychosocial support services include:

* Mental, health counseling.

* Family care and support through our Care and support project;bereavement preparedness.

* Provision of recreational equipment for children through our vibrant Games and sports project.

* Facilitation of children’s’ peer group especially the Mercy club.

* Community involvement through awareness raising around HIV/AIDS and the prevention of stigma and discrimination.

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